Barr & Co Jewellery can accommodate all repairs on the premises. Customers can feel reassured that their cherished items are repaired on-site by a jeweller with over 25 years experience. All jewellery is fully insured on-site.
Complimentary jeweller cleaning service.
Over time, jewellery gathers dirt underneath the setting which cannot be removed by normal cleaning. Customers are welcome to leave their jewellery for sonic cleaning; within the hour jewellery is restored back to its former glory.
workshop repairs on site at Barr & Co Llandeilo
A repair that we had in the workshop was this beautiful diamond & sapphire cluster ring. We re-sized, repaired the worn claws & replaced a missing diamond.  
This Victorian 3 stone ring came into us to have its under bezels rebuilt and a new modern style shank fitted.
We rebuilt the under bezels and then removed the old shank.
We melted it down along with a sentimental 22ct wedding ring and created a new modern shank.